Never Get Tired
The Bomb the Music Industry! Story NO FUTURE FILMS Presents a Film by Sara Crow

Past Screenings

10/16/2015, 10/18/2015, 10/19/2015: Berlin, DE. Kino Moviemento.
Doors at 8pm each night.
Tickets: 10/16, 10/18, 10/19
10/31/2015: Gainesville, FL. The Hippodrome Theater. 12:45pm.
Tickets are $10.
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11/8/2015: Melbourne, AU. The Reverence Hotel. 4pm.
Featuring music from Georgia Maq and DJ Anty (The Bennies.)
Tickets coming soon.
Event Info
11/12/2015: Toronto, BC. B-Beatstro. 8pm.
Event Info
11/15/2015: Minneapolis, MN. Bryant Lake Bowl. 7pm.
Part of Sound Unseen.
Tickets coming soon.
11/30/2015: Chicago, IL. Beat Kitchen. 7pm.
Q+A with filmmakers after the screening.
Tickets are $10.
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12/1/2015: Detroit, MI. The Sanctuary. 8:30pm.
Tickets are $7.
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12/7/2015: Rochester, NY. The Cinema Theater. 6:30pm.
Presale tickets are $8.
Tickets / Event Info
12/12/2015: Boston, MA. Bartos Theatre. 7pm.
Event Info

Never Get Tired: The Story

At a moment when crowdfunding seems like it will be the future of the industry, NEVER GET TIRED takes as its focus the world’s first donation–based band, BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! and its variously charismatic, depressive, big–hearted, and loudmouthed mastermind, JEFF ROSENSTOCK.

Jeff takes seriously his complex relationship to commerce, community and diy ethics: all the music is free, all shows are all ages and under $10, there is no merchandise. These practices, coupled with Jeff’s relentlessly positive us–versus–them mentality, has earned him the most ardently committed fan base in the punk scene. Fans around the world cling to Jeff as the only true punk icon of their generation, but as Jeff rounds out a decade with BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! and begins to outgrow the chaos, he is confronted with the disparate demands of his fans, his loved ones, and his ideals. NEVER GET TIRED tells the story of what happens when the weight of the world outside threatens to break the man, challenging him to choose between his career and his life, his fans and his loved ones, a transient lifestyle and financial stability.

Years before Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails offered free downloads of their new releases, Rosenstock founded the first-ever donation-based label, QUOTE UNQUOTE RECORDS. In response to the collapse of his more industry–minded former band, Jeff launched the label and BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! from home with just a guitar and his computer.

The music sparked something in basements and DIY venues worldwide. Jeff's donation–based model worked in a swollen music industry that needed saving. The pay–what–you–can model worked because it was inclusive, creating an interdependency between the musician and the fan. People donated, and for the last ten years BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! has headlined sold–out music festivals, played packed houses worldwide, played on Showtime and NBC, and sold tens of thousands of records in spite of offering them for free online.

And NEVER GET TIRED was along for the ride. Five years, eleven countries, and three hundred and fifty hours of footage later and the film is shot. Thanks to Kickstarter, back in 2010 I made enough money to buy a camera and go on one tour. The intervening four years was nothing short of a financial miracle. Maxed out credit cards, my personal savings, the generosity of BTMI!, and the volunteered time of an amazingly talented crew allowed me to finish shooting NEVER GET TIRED with no significant film funding.

In May of 2014, NEVER GET TIRED exceeded its fundraising goal on Kickstarter and premiered on July 24, 2015 in New York City.


EMAIL ME! sara [at] nofuturefilms [dot] com.


When can I download the movie?
Now! You can watch it at VHX -
Can I set up a screening in my town?
Totally! We have set up screenings all over the world! If you book stuff in your town and want to set something up, e-mail me.
Where is my backer reward?
We sent out all the backer rewards at the end of 2014, and we sent several messages to the backers asking for correct addresses/sizes etc. If you didn’t get your reward, I apologize, but we tried our best to get a response from you and the odds are you either moved or didn’t answer the survey.

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